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USA Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Type Manual Blood pressure monitor with stethoscope

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Dr Trust (USA) Sphygmomanometer Aneroid Type Manual blood pressure monitor with stethoscope package includes a carry bag, comfortable cuff with a user manual. Aneroid BP is completely safe to use, as it does not contain any mercury. All its attachments are crack-resistant, non-sticking and high-density latex-free for a better experience. Also it is easy to use; you just need to squeeze the bulb to inflate the cuff around your upper arm and then you can read the gauge to find your blood pressure. It is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around during traveling from one place to another without missing the accessories. Also no batteries are needed when operating with our aneroid sphygmomanometer. The device is designed to maintain durability even after a daily heavy use

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Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 18.5 × 11 × 7.5 cm


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