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USA Gold Standard Blood Glucose Test Strips Plus Lancets – 50 Strips (Black)

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Dr Trust is offering glucometer strips for routine sugar level testing either at home or in a hospital setup. 60 strips are packed in a pack and they all are for single time use. Easy to use strips do not require any special efforts or coding to set up, just apply a blood sample to get instant results. These strips come with use-by-date, so always check the date before buying a pack and using a strip for safety and accuracy. Note: The pack includes test strips only. No Glucometer or other devices come in this pack.


Brand Dr Trust
Number of Pieces 50
Special Feature one time use
Specific Uses For Product Glucose Test,Blood
Diagnostic test sample type Blood

About this item

  • Easy and Instant: The Dr Trust Glucometer€™s strips make the blood glucose monitoring easy as no special setup is required for testing. A small finger prick is needed for taking a small blood sample
  • Alternate site testing: These small strips can sample all types of blood €“ capillary, neonatal, venous, and arterial blood. You need not to add any kind of details into the machine for testing

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 7.7 × 6.4 × 5.7 cm


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