What is the warranty on my product?

  • Philind Guarantee is a point that protects both buyers and sellers against fraudulent deals to keep online shopping and dealing safe and easy.
  • It protects druggies by holding the payment to sellers until the Buyer confirms the damage of the order. Once the Buyer accepts the order, the payment will be released to the Dealer.
  • This period is calculated grounded on the dealer’s Days to Boat (DTS) and Estimated Delivery Time, which starts from your payment evidence date.

Here’s an example of how this can be calculated: 2 (Days to Ship¹) + 8 (Estimated Delivery Time²) + 5 (Buyer Confirmation Time³) = 15 days ¹ Days to Ship – number of days it takes a seller to prepare for delivery ² Estimated Delivery Time – average delivery time by the logistics partner ³ Buyer Confirmation Time –  Number of days it takes the buyer to confirm receipt after delivery If an order has NOT been shipped: Sellers need to ensure that they’ve shipped out the order within the DTS period. Otherwise, the order will be automatically canceled and payment for non-COD orders will be refunded to the buyer at the end of the Philind Guarantee period. If the Buyer still has not received the order before the final day of the extension period, and/or if the product/s received is either incomplete, wrong, damaged, defective, please request for Return/Refund before the 3-day extension ends. The request should ONLY be made within the Philind Guarantee Period. Otherwise, the payment will be released automatically to seller. The buyer is allowed a one-time 3-day extension of the Philind Guarantee period if sellers have not yet shipped out the item. Select Extend Philind Guarantee on the Order Details page. If an order has been shipped: Buyers will need to confirm if they have received the order or request for return/refund within the Philind Guarantee period. Otherwise, the payment will be automatically released to the Seller at the end of the period.